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Moulds and process tests

Test and Validation of thermoplastic injection moulding and pressure die casting tools and injection processes

  • Test and validation of the tool functionality and the quality of the moulded part (material, dimensional, functinal,…)

  • SPC of tests

  • Process optimisation and validation:

  • Work cycle optimisation prior to the tool’s entry into production (long duration tests in real conditions)

  • Process optimisation of problematic ongoing productions

  • Tool implementation in the production facilities and start of production

  • Diagnosis and validation of tool condition (purchase/sale, accidents, production problems, etc.)

Service Modalities:

  • Test in our Laboratories equipped at the highest level and with accumulated experience with all kind of parts, sectors and customers.

  • On site service – on the premises of the customer or third parties counting on our wide technical capacity and our proven test methodology.

Ricard Noto
Luis Martínez