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Research and Innovation


Take participation in R+D+I European Projects

Ascamm Tecnologic Center can help you at R+D+I project researching, preparing this projects, managing them and maximizing it’s results.

One of the leading Spanish private centres
in return from the EU in R&D; projects

Research, Development and Innovation

Activities and projects concerning Research, Development and Technological Innovation principallly aim at generating technological knowledge and disseminating it within our industrial sphere in an efficient and sustainable manner.

  • Self-funded and contract R&D
  • Conception and development of new products and manufacturing processes.
    Highlight projects

  • Innovació
  • Efficient introduction and application of technology for enterprises
  • Improvement of industrial management and business models
  • Advanced Tecnological Services
  • Innovation and Knowledge Management

Main Lines

  • Plastics
  • Metal machining
  • Light alloys
  • ICTs

R&D Indicators

2009 R&D Projects:
  • Catalonia: 10 (2 led by Ascamm)
  • Spain: 46 (29 led by Ascamm)
  • Europe: 16 (4 led by Ascamm)
210 companies involved in RDI projects
  • 8 Patents
  • 12 High-Tech products
  • 4 Spin-off companies

Technological Cooperation Network

Joan Guasch

European Projects
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